London – I HAVE NO MONEY?! (Day 1)

Origin: East Midlands

Destination: Kings Cross Station

It would be a fair assumption to say that I thrive in a city. As much as I appreciate the monotony of suburban life, I know how to confidently work my way through a busy crowd. The golden rules? Keep to your head high, your bag close and no matter the choice of footwear, walk like you’re wearing the clouds. The only thing I didn’t prepare for was London’s public transport system.

In hindsight, I should’ve borrowed or bought my Oyster Card before I went to ‘The Big Smoke’ in order to streamline my journey from the train to the hotel. Alas, my virginal  travel money card saw that my purchase at the machine was declined twice, even though I had more than the sufficient funds. At least I made it onto the right tube line unsupervised!

The intricacies of the London’s metro system deposited me at Elephant and Castle (only 4 tube stops from the main hub of the city) and so, with iPhone 7 in hand, I entered the address of my hotel and walked a little over a kilometre under the warm orange glow of an English summer sunset to a cosy but clean express hotel on Amelia Street.

Come 11.15PM, I was in bed digesting the latest episode of Love Island and was trying to figure out what my own type on paper would be, awaiting my boyfriend and my mother who were way past overdue. Suffice it to say, my patience was dissipating and my eyes were heavy, but a knock at the door minutes later confirmed that my type on paper didn’t exist because he was standing on the other side of the threshold.

Three weeks and miles away from the person I love most in this world was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but falling asleep that night was so easy.


~ Stay tuned for Day 2! ~



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