Singapore Chills

Bears! Good evening from Singapore!

The day has finally come, and I am currently writing to you from Terminal 3 of Changi International Airport as a very tired lady. My Dunkin’ Donuts latte is the only thing keeping me alive because nowhere sells Red Bull (I need wings damnit!). I didn’t pack a tooth brush, but have progressed my way through almost an entire packet of chewing gum, and am BEYOND ready to rip off these compression tights. I have just a little over a an hour left of my four hour layover before boarding my next flight to Manchester, a complete mammoth of a thing (13 hours and 45 minutes) in comparison to the 6 hours it just took me to get from Perth to here (starting to wonder if I’ll need something stronger than a latte? Possibly something on the rocks – and make it a double). THANKFULLY, I do have a sleeping tablet to take, but I’d strongly suggest against that when paired with alcohol.

Also, a very quick mention to my lovely boyfriend who dropped me off at the airport this afternoon (many tears were cried on my part, my eyes are both red and tired!). I’m definitely going to miss him for the three weeks that we’re apart until we meet up again in London!

Essentially, this blog post is just a brief insight to my carry-on, which they DID weigh before printing my boarding passes. You just can’t pick who will and won’t do it, so remember, 7kg is your go to number – always. I opted out of using a handbag for a much more conventional EASTPAK backpack. I purchased this babe of a bag at a retail outlet in the north of Italy somewhere around 3 years ago, and have definitely had my money’s worth from it and more. The brand has an array of designs suitable for absolutely everyone and the bags are strong, reliable and roomy, featuring three main zip-closing compartments, and an extra mesh covering at the front. I’ve used mine for just about everything – be it university, camping trips, and duh, holidays.

What’s inside?

– Travel Document Wallet – containing everything from my passport, boarding passes, foreign currency, documentation and the like.

– Cards – including ID and travel cards (a must if you don’t want to carry only cash), safely enclosed in a safety case which protects me from any identity theft or general theft. Although this maybe something that your mother or grandmother would own, they do provide an extra sense of security and peace of mind (plus mine has ladybugs on it, so what’s not to like?) – they’re also super cheap at places like the $2 shop.

– Toiletries and Prescriptions – all under 100mL and enclosed in a clear, standard sized sandwich bag (I packed eye drops, hand sanitiser, paw paw, deodorant etc.). I also packed tissues, face wipes and a hydrating face mask to apply 15 minutes before I land in England, so that my dad does not mistake me for the newest extra of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

– Snacks – I can tend to be a fussy eater on a flight. A lot of the food is highly salted and leaves me feeling bloated – ugh. As an alternative to packing artificial sugar laden snacks, I have packed a standard sized sandwich bag with lightly salted popcorn and on my last flight, I enjoyed some fresh grapes. Fruit and veges can be taken out of Australia, just not brought in, and some of them can be kept out of the fridge for a while without going gross (think carrots, peas from the pod, celery, berries etc.). Whilst healthy, these snacks will also keep you well hydrated.

– Electronics – I have with me my iPhone 7, iPad Note 4, and GoPro Hero 3. iPads are lighter than laptops and basically do the same thing. I also packed my phone charger and relative adapter.

– Journal and Pencil Case – enough said.

– Magazine – my favorite to read whilst flying is the International Traveller. It gives me great inspiration and information for my next holiday ideas!

– Glasses and Sunglasses – both prescription and great for tired eyes.

– Phrase book – this will come in handy when my Year 12 Italian of many moons ago starts to fail me – “Una pizza margherita per favore.” – I think I’ll be fine.


Ciao for now, Bears!




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