Pre-Holiday Jitters – PACKING

Hey Bears,

Towards the end of June 2017 I’ll be heading back to my home country of England (God save the Queen) for a 7-week holiday, and words will forever fail to describe how excited I am for a break. On the other hand, I can’t be the only one to get anxious in the weeks leading up to going away… can I?

You know what I mean, not exactly your average butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of feeling, but more of a whirlwind of chaos when you realise that you still haven’t picked up your e-tickets, you can’t find your passport and you still have no idea what to pack. And that’s just the start of it.

Follow my ongoing series of top-tips for getting organised as best you can before going on holiday.


There has always been something so magical about travelling for me, be it exploring unknown places or seeing familiar faces, and when going back and forth from Australia to England frequently as a teenager, I was always prepared (mum’s the word). My packing lists were always started upon the arrival home from the travel agency after the purchase of my ticket, and then refined during many a boring maths lesson at school (then again, maybe I can attribute organisational skills to the downfall of my future career as a physicist).  But I’ve found as I’m getting older that I’m becoming so much more blasé about the whole packing thing. This being said, I could afford to just throw things in a bag for my last adventure as long as it fit the bill of ‘summer attire’ and had certain ‘I am unlikely to sweat buckets in this outfit’ qualities (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you have ever been to Bali).

And although I’ll be heading back to the UK during their summer, it’s a sure bet that the sun will not be out everyday, meaning that you have to accomodate for both warm & dry and wet & cold (I’m largely hoping for the former). Then, you have to factor in weight allowances, for example, Singapore Airlines will allow passengers 30kg checked baggage – which is really no good for my impromptu trip to Rome on the way home with Ryan Air (who in comparison only allow 20kg). Paying for extra baggage can get pricey, so in the event that I go overboard with my spends on my weekend trip to London, it looks like layering will be my best friend. In saying this, if your cash funds hit rock bottom from a shopping spree and your bag is just about ready to explode, most airline companies detail their pricing for extra luggage/weight on their websites – check these before you get to the airport. Vacuum packing bags are also a great idea for bursting-at-the-seams cases.

Suitcases: In the event that you think you may be taking too much in your suitcase to begin with, it’s a good idea to invest in a lightweight suitcaseStrandbags has some amazing offers with up to 60% off (online) big brand names including their hard and soft shelled lightweight luggage (some of the soft-shelled designs are adorable). Not to mention that a good suitcase will last you years (when taken care of) and lightweight means more availability for shoes and souvenirs.

Making do with what you already have, on the other hand, means that your current luggage option may not be so ‘travel-savvy’ in terms of it’s weight and size. This is where a capsule wardrobe will come in handy. Mix and match a few tops to minimal bottoms, this will ensure you don’t overpack, and remember to always pack something more formal for that family wedding you’ve been invited to (this can also serve as your evening attire should you find yourself going anywhere with a dress code, depending on what you pack). When staying with family, remember your bathroom appliance essentials are going to weigh you down even further, so forego the hairdryer and ask if you can borrow one during your stay. Straighteners, meanwhile, don’t pack as much bulk or heft as your beloved VS Sassoon, and can tame even the worst of bad hair days – just don’t forget to bring your adaptors!



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